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We offer guided and self-guided tours

We are proud to be offering the packaged-option of Spyder Adventure tours. These tours leads you on a discovery of the beauty of Northern California area as well as a few other parts of the West while riding a Can-Am Spyder. If you are interested in touring the Northern California area or more adventurous rides to Las Vegas or perhaps the scenic southern Utah tour, then call us to get your Spyder Adventure.


From the Sacramento California area, each tour features three different destinations to choose from.


How does it work ?

These tours will be lead by an experienced guide to your destination. Our tour guide knows the area well and will lead you on the right roads that you would not have discovered on your own. 
These tours can include an experienced guide to show you the way, or you may choose a self-guided option. The tours will take you on breathtaking views crossing mountain gaps around winding scenic roads that will display a mosaic of colors and diverse views that you will never forget.
Choose from single-day or multi-day tours.  Each tour includes courtesy transportation to & from your hotel or airport if needed, all hotel reservations, lunch or dinner, RS Spyder rental, and detailed itinerary & route map.


Prices below include the cost of a RT Spyder rental.

Included in the Spyder Adventure guided tour package, $600 per day:

  • All hotel accommodations
  • Lunch or dinner
  • RT Spyder rental
  • Unlimited mileage
  • Helmets for driver and passenger
  • Detailed itinerary & route map
  • Transportation between hotel/airport & Spyder Adventure Tour

Not Included

  • Fuel
  • Food and snacks
  • Beverages
  • Toll road
  • Park entrance
  • Gratuity/Tips

Included in the Self-Guided tour package, $450 per day:

  • All hotel reservations
  • RT Spyder rental
  • Unlimited mileage
  • Helmets for driver and passenger
  • Detailed itinerary & route map
  • Transportation between hotel/airport & Spyder Adventure Tour

Not Included

  • Fuel
  • Cost of hotel room
  • Food and snacks
  • Beverages
  • Toll road
  • Park entrance
  • Gratuity/Tips



y factor The three “one-day” tours are easy rides. They do not require advanced riders at all.

y factorThe three “two-day” tours are not difficult to ride, however from time to time the roads could be a bit frightening such as driving next to cliffs and precipices.

y factorThe “three to four-day” tours take a more advanced driver, not because they are much more difficult to ride, but because they are longer rides which require more endurance and skill.

y factorThe “five to six-day” tours are for advanced riders who already have a pretty big riding experience under their belt.

y factor Other tour ideas. Check out this cool website for other ride ideas.

Regarding our tours, we try to stay in the range of about 250 miles a day. Sometimes a bit more, sometimes a little bit less depending on the driving conditions of the itinerary.

Each one-day tour comes with lunch. Multi-day tours include dinner each night.


One day tour:

1) The Washington’s CA tour. 225 miles. This ride will take you to the heart of the Northern California Mountains. It is a real journey into the past to see very small villages that had stayed the same since the gold rush era.

2) The Murphy’s CA tour. 210 miles. This ride will take you down to the foothill of the Sierra Nevada. It is a great and easy ride to do. Perfect for beginners.

3) The Lake Tahoe’s tour. 250 miles. You cannot stay in our area without having a look at the beautiful Lake Tahoe. Why not do it on a Spyder? This ride will take you to the shore of the lake. From the California side to the Nevada side and back to California.

Two day tour:

1) The Yosemite tour. 487 miles. After riding through the foothills of the Sierra, the road takes you to the entrance of the Yosemite National Park. You are now riding on the famous Tioga Pass road. It will take you all the way to Mono Lake. After a night in the Mono Lake vicinity, the drive back towards Sacramento is gorgeous. This tour is not available during the winter. 

2) The Napa loop. 245 miles. How about having a look at one of the most well known vineyards of the world. Welcome to Napa. After a nice dinner and a good night of sleep in Napa, the drive back to Sacramento will show you places such as Lake Berryessa and a beautiful country side.

3) The San Francisco tour. 381 miles. This tour is a little bit of everything. On the riding part, it is a little bit of freeway, city, and country side. Actually, it shows a lot of American landmarks such as The Golden Gate Bridge, Lombard Street, down town San Francisco and more.

Three to four day tour:

1) The coast. 519 miles. Hwy 1 from the top-down to Bodega Bay. In order to reach the ocean from Sacramento, a little bit of inland driving is necessary, but it is not much. Almost the entire second day of the tour is driving on the Pacific Coast Highway also known as the Route 1.

2) The Death Valley tour. 891 miles. Coming to Death Valley from Sacramento is not only the Death Valley Desert, but also a journey into the most remote areas and forgotten places in the United States. This trip will leave you with great memories of open spaces that you have only seen in the movies. Please understand that this tour is not available during the summer.

3) Las Vegas. 1109 miles. The drive to Las Vegas from Sacramento could either be the drive down to I-5 in California and the I-15, or through Nevada. We did not choose the one using the interstates because we wanted nicer and more typical scenery riding down Nevada. Of course we are always looking for the best scenery we can find and at the most relaxed driving conditions. For that, we picked the road through Nevada. By the way, it drives next to area 51…

4) Ultimate Terrifying Nevada Road Trip. 750 miles. Nevada is home to many haunted places. If these type of places interest you, you’re in luck. Why? Because you can easily visit some of Nevada’s most haunted places in a single road trip. That’s right; A SINGLE ROAD TRIP.

Here at Ryde on Motorsports, we’ve selected some of the most haunted places that would be perfect for a 4 day road trip.

You'll visit nine chilling places that are perfect for an Ultimate Terrifying road trip including the Tonopah Cemetery and spending the night in HAUNTED hotels including the Mizpah and one of Nevada's most haunted hotel, the Silver Queen.


Five to six day tour:

1) Las Vegas South Rim . Grand Canyon south rim. 1750 miles.

2) Route 12 in southern Utah. Highway 12 Scenic Byway, Junction of US-89 to Torrey Highway 12, passes through Red Canyon, Bryce Canyon National Park, Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, Boulder Mountain in the Dixie National Forest, and to its conclusion, near the entrance of Capitol Reef National Park.
It is certainly one of the most beautiful roads in the entire United States. Total miles of the trip are 1600.

3) Oregon adventure. 1014 miles. Although it is unfortunate that it is an unknown area, it is so beautiful. The ride will take you to Crater Lake National Park, Bend Oregon, then back to Roseville and everything in between. 


Other Tour Ideas:

Visit this site to check out other great roads.


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In order to rent a Spyder you need the following:

  • A valid Driver's license
  • At least 25 years of age
  • Passengers need to be 10 years or older
  • Authorize a damage deposit of $1000 on a major credit card
  • Insurance
  • Please watch the safety videos located on this site prior to renting


To book a tour, send an email with "Spyder Adventure Tour " as the Subject to:

Or call (916) 844-6626


Please see our FAQ page for general questions about Spyder rentals.

Please see our Tour-FAQ page for Spyder Adventure Tour questions.


No motorcycle license required for a Spyder in the state of California. You only need a Class C driver’s license.

Come experience a unique riding experience—one you won’t soon forget. Take a tour and leave the planning, lodging, and tour route to us. You just need to enjoy the Ryde and the awe-inspiring scenery of the California roads.


Come see what everyone is talking about. Climb on board this powerful, eye catching machine and hit the open road. These bikes go from 0-60 in four seconds.

The unique design of the Spyder make it one of the safest bikes to ride. The Spyder combines a Y-architecture (with 2 wheels in front and one in back), in addition to anti-lock brakes, traction control, power steering, an advanced Vehicle Stability System, and a 6-speed 1330 in-line triple-cylinder engine, to make the riding experience not only safe but one of the most thrilling.


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