Low Rates

Ryde On Motorsports keeps it rates low, as well as offering multi-day discounts.

We also offer great Military rates.


Ryde On Motorsports reserves the right to refuse rental should the renter fail to provide the required documents or if basic skill level is not met. Refunds will not be granted for failure to produce the required documentation.

All vehicles rented by Ryde On Motorsports are intended for regular road use only and may not be driven in extreme circumstances such as off-road, racing, driving on beaches, gravel or other unpaved roads.

Insurance is required with any rental. In addition, a fully refundable Vehicle Damage Deposit (VDD) will be taken at the time of rental and will be credited back to the customer's account if the vehicle is returned undamaged. The VDD is secured by authorization against a major credit card.


Cancellation due to unmet rental requirements at the time of rental (such as no valid drivers license, inability to meet security deposit requirements, etc) are subject to a cancellation fee of 100% of the total invoice amount. There are no refunds for early motorcycle returns. Once the bike has been picked up or delivered the customer is responsible for the entire contract rental period.


Before you rent
Every renter will receive orientation to the motorcycle. The renter orientation will cover all aspects of safe motorcycle operation, the renter's maintenance responsibilities, as well as local and state laws.

Helmet, riding jacket and gloves are available for a small fee.



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