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What do I need to rent a Spyder from Ryde On Motorsports?

In order to rent a Spyder you need the following:

  • A valid Driver's license (or similar International drivers license)
  • At least 25 years of age
  • Passengers need to be 10 years or older
  • Riders must demonstrate solid riding ability
  • Authorize a damage deposit of $1000 on a major credit card
  • Insurance
  • Please watch the safety videos located on this site prior to renting

Do I need a helmet?

We can provide appropriate riding gear which consists of: helmet, jacket and gloves for a small fee. It is advised to wear shoes or boots and dress in layers.


Do you provide transportation from/to the airport?

We can arrange transportation pickup and return to the airport.


Terms and Conditions

Upon receipt of your booking, a non-refundable Reservation Deposit will be required and charged to your credit card. Amount of Reservation Deposit will vary depending on length and type of tour. In addition, a Tour deposit will be required 40 days prior to event. The Tour deposit will be 50% of the total tour price.



Ryde On Motorsports is not responsible for any cancellations do to weather conditions.


Cancellations or reduction to total number of tour days will be charged a fee depending on the number of days Ryde On Motorsports receives notice prior to the tour departure date. In all cases, the "non-refundable" reservation deposit will not be refunded. Only a portion of the "Tour" deposit will be refunded.

-41 to 31 days, fee will be 25% of the total tour price

-30 to 21 days, fee will be 40% of the total tour price

-20 to 11 days, fee will be 75% of the total tour price

-10 days or less, fee will be 100% of total tour price


There will be no refunds for any unused services or accommodations once the tour has started.


Is the Spyder safer than a 2-wheeled motorcycle?

Please check out the Safety videos located on this site.
Please Note: Ryde On Motorsports reserves the right to refuse service to any customer that we deem an unsafe candidate to rent the Spyder. If at any time Ryde On Motorsports considers that allowing the renter to continue renting may endanger the rider in any way, (for example if a basic skill level is not met or riding in an unsafe manner) the renter will not be allow to rent a Spyder.


Does the Spyder sit one or two people?

Your Spyder motorcycle will come with 2 person seats and backrest plus high windshield. We offer the RT-SE (semi-auto transmission).


Where are you located?

You can pick up the Spyder at the following location:

5400 Date Ave, Sacramento, CA 95841.

Delivery to another location may be available for an additional fee.


No motorcycle license required for a Spyder in the state of California. You only need a Class C driver’s license.

Come experience a unique riding experience—one you won’t soon forget. Come see what everyone is talking about. Climb on board this powerful, eye catching machine and hit the open road. These bikes go from 0-60 in four seconds.

The unique design of the Spyder make it one of the safest bikes to ride. The Spyder combines a Y-architecture (with 2 wheels in front and one in back), in addition to anti-lock brakes, traction control, power steering, an advanced Vehicle Stability System, and a 5-speed 990 V-Twin engine, to make the riding experience not only safe but one of the most thrilling.


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